we accelerate
startups’ growth

Our Goal

Accelerate the growth of promising startups by offering a unique combination of high-impact media campaigns
and strategic support to boost market traction and increase revenues.

boost your growth

Le cabinet Roland Berger s’investit à nos côtés pour accompagner nos
participations en apportant compétences, connaissances sectorielles,
réseau et exposition internationale.

About us

Augesco Ventures is the venture arm of Les Echos / Le Parisien and Roland Berger.
Together we combine the power of the #1 media in France with in-depth strategic and sectorial expertise of the leading European strategy consulting firm, to serve high potential startups growth.

We offer startups the access to

that they traditionally cannot afford


Frequently Asked Questions

Services for Equity is an extended version of the Media for Equity model which has already been proven and successful in Germany and Scandinavia with startups like Zalando or Airbnb boosting their growth by accessing high-impact media power.

Roland Berger and Groupe Les Echos have teamed up to enhance this model by offering not only premium advertising space and expertise to startups but also top-class strategic support and network that only big corporations could normally afford.

Augesco Ventures offers these services at discount rate and in exchange for equity, meaning that a startup can focus its cash resources on other aspects of its development.

We align with entrepreneurs on their needs in terms of services (media and/or consulting) and on their valuation. It is a case by case approach, customized to the startups needs.


Augesco Ventures is an alliance between France’s first business information media and Europe’s leading strategy consulting firm.

We aim at considerably boosting startups’ growth by supplying startups with the most effective advertising slots across the various media within Groupe Les Echos (Les Echos, Le Parisien, etc…),  by dedicating Roland Berger’s best industry experts and network to accelerate growth and foster new business opportunities. We reach over 8m people and collaborate actively with market leaders and top-tier companies around the globe.

We believe that the combination of powerful advertising – which increases significantly a product’s visibility and brand awareness – with top-class strategic support specifically tailored to your needs – in areas such as Investor or client pitch, market studies, go-to-market, KPIs definition, financing and business modeling, and international expansion – and top-level network, will effectively boost sales and revenues whether a startup is looking for a first market traction or a greater expansion.

We allow startups accessing services that only large corporations could normally afford.


Augesco Ventures selects and invests in the most promising startups.

We focus on startups:

– based in France or willing to expand to France

– in all business sectors, with specific focus on sectors with high growth potential (services to companies, health, environment, technology, digital…)

– managed by great teams with deep execution skills

– with first market traction (turnover, number of users) and high market potential


No. Augesco Ventures aims at offering a tailor-made service to startups to precisely match their needs. Whether the startup is interested only in media or only in strategic support, we will be happy to discuss a partnership.

However we do believe that a combination of both services is the best way to increase sales, find new customers and develop new business opportunities to accelerate your growth.

Of course a startup may pay for both advertising slots and strategy consulting if it wishes so, but it usually accounts for significant amounts of cash for a startup!

At Augesco Ventures, we see our investments as valuable partnerships for both companies. Being an equity partner reinforces our will to see the company succeed on the long term, and therefore we put all our efforts in providing the most impactful services, with a high degree of flexibility and commitment.

First of all, we do provide the most effective advertising slots across our various media, and knowing that a startup’s reality can change quickly, we can adapt our offer through time to best fit the company’s needs. Furthermore, we provide services to our partners at a very competitive valuation with significant discounts compared to standard prices.

Augesco Ventures does not invest cash directly, but services in kind. However, we have key partners in Venture capital for co-investments (in kind plus in cash).